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Hana Food Industries Company “HANA Water” was established more than thirty years ago.

The unique production site with five natural groundwater wells, and a network of 40 branches covering all cities of KSA, make HANA Water stands out as the number one local bottled water company. Over 2000 employees are serving at HANA Water to meet the demand of more than 70,000 customers and millions of consumers.

Everyday necessity


Supplying the highest product quality and customer services at the most competitive price
Understanding the market insights to provide the right products characteristics that suit all customer needs.

Using the right technology & digitalization systems for better & sustainable performance

Complying with the local & international standards of food safety, quality, occupational safety & environment

Building the employees capability & Empowerment with the right skills and qualifications & using the methodologies & tools of continuous improvement.

The society & environment sustainability through promoting the ethical responsibility, collaborations & communications with business partners & local community.


Hana company to be the preferred choice of its customers, by providing the highest level of quality and excellency according to local & international quality standards to satisfy the needs of all segments of society using the latest technology & innovation for the purposes of excellence, sustainability, and continuous improvement in our operations, products, services, employees & society wellbeing.

New in shape and composition


Hana company is characterized by providing the highest European quality standards, with a high production capacity, It guarantees the stability and availability of products to the company’s customers at the level of all parts of the Kingdom at all times, with export efficiency to all Arab Gulf countries

Hana Company owns a group of underground wells in the Qassim region, covering the Kingdom through 23 branches distributed precisely to cover all regions at the same time.

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