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Do you have home delivery service?

Yes, we have home delivery service, You can also place an order through:

  • Website
  • Hana application
  • WhatsApp
  • Call the unified number
How long does delivery take?

Within 24 hours from the date of the request within the main cities

How is the process of ordering products - means of ordering products?

The customer of a water company Hana enjoys choosing the method that suits his needs in the application, whether through:

  • Water Company website Hana
  • Water application Hana
  • Automatic response through: WhatsApp - Chat Boot
  • Call the unified number: 920033233
  • Send an email to a water company Hana:
Where is water available here in Saudi Arabia?

Through 23 branches, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is covered – according to the signs attached to the cities on the map on each page, as in the footer

What are the sizes of water Hana available?

You can learn more about the products and sizes by clicking on


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